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OK, after a long hiatus I have made a minor update to this page. Newest item is a link to Mary's new website, which is frankly much nicer than this one, and which you should visit right now. My links are still kind of stale; I have removed the worst of them but not all.

Last updated: 7 Sep 2000


Art & Music
Atom Co. Ltd. A spiffy set of pages produced by a Japanese graphics design / multimedia firm. Look at the virtual gallery and the Japanese independent music archives. (You can also surf in Japanese. Nihongo o dekimasu ka?)
Ministère de la culture This is the home page of the French Ministry of Culture: le Ministère de la culture et de la Francophonie. Look here for wonderful photographs of the new prehistoric cave paintings discovered in France. Also other French art exhibits. English text has been added recently. (Mais on peut surfer en Français aussi-- c'est vôtre choix.)
Yothu Yindi Yothu Yindi: this Australian mostly-Aboriginal band has great music, videos, and one of the coolest Web pages around.
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Beer & Brewing
Real Beer Page The Real Beer Page: "Beer, sweet beer. Everything you could ever want to know about beer, brewpubs, microbreweries, homebrewing, and the beer industry is here! We have over 150,000 pages about beer, searchable brewery and pub databases, beer festival and homebrew event calendars, and news about beer."
Celebrator This West Coast-based "Brewspaper" now has good national and international beer news. This is their on-line edition.
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On-line Magazines
EE Times This paper has the best and most timely news in the business. They were reporting on neural nets and fuzzy logic before the computing journals got wind of them. The best source for HDTV news, Japanese industrial politics, you name it. This is their on-line edition.
(URL updated 9/7/2000)
HotWired Wired magazine's on-line incarnation. Lots of stuff. Good articles. Way cool.
Urban Desires Urban Desires: "A cultural oasis for weary Internet travelers." Art. Writing. Reviews. Recipes. Editorials. Now in its third year and going strong. Check it out.
(URL updated 5/5/97.)
Yomiuri English-language version of the Yomiuri Shimbun,the largest newspaper in Japan. Read the editorial page. Then read any American newspaper, say the San Francisco Chronicle. Wow. Cognitive dissonance.
(URL updated 9/7/2000)
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Games and Such
ShadowMUD If you don't already MUD, maybe you shouldn't start. It's addictive. If you do MUD, however, you might want to try one of my favorites. ShadowMUD is fun, and back on the Net again after a small eternity in search of a home.A few interesting quests. Not much lag. But especially, nice people.
Lost Wishes And here is my other favorite MUD: Lost Wishes. Try it out.
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Dog's Breakfast
This stuff is really hard to categorize.
Supreme Court Supreme Court decisions, hot off the press. Often available here before the newspapers get them. Rarely as boring as you might think. Some of the writing is surprisingly readable, even for non-lawyers. Look particularly at Scalia's opinions. They will often piss you off, but always make you think.
(URL updated 9/7/2000)
Dilbert You already have this in your bookmarks, so I dunno why I'm putting it here... What? You don't? Well, you'd better check it out before you get a visit from one of Dogbert's --er-- associates. This link is crucial for all Dilbert addicts who might sometimes miss their newspaper.
The Postcard Store Send your friends neat postcards.
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Who am I?

I write software. I play drum I write science fiction. I brew beer. Pretty much in that order. (And if you're looking for an on-line résumé, you won't find one.)

Family Jeremy
I'm married to Mary Porter Vaughan, who is an award-winning textile artist. Our son Jeremy (picture to the left) is a phtographer/author/artist and lives on the East coast. Our daughter Gwyn is a graphic designer working in Phoenix. Jerry and Gwyn don't have Web pages at the moment, but here's Mary's home page.
I've been doing this a long time. At Interdata I was lead designer on the OS/32 operating system (1974). At Honeywell I designed the TDC 3000 Control Language and its compiler (1985). Here at OSI Software, Inc. I'm currently working on PC client software.
Science fiction
I write short stories -- sometimes I can even sell them. Sorry there are no on-line versions, but here are some publication credits if you want to look:
I've been a beer lover all my life, and a home brewer since about 1990. My specialties are sour-mash stout and Belgian Wit. Here are some recipes.
I study Middle Eastern drum (doumbek, tar, deff) with Mary Ellen Donald. She is a very good teacher. For info about lessons and events, call Mary Ellen at (415) 826-DRUM. Here is more info about Middle Eastern rhythms.

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